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Supply Chain Management

Don’t run out of the materials you need to do business. Our tools allow you to track and maintain your material/inventory levels to avoid work stoppages. Automate your supply chain processes, keep track of your vendors, and get alerts when inventory falls below pre-defined levels.

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Stentorian Technologies Supply Chain Management Tool consists of the following:

  • Automated Inventory Min/Max Thresholds
  • Process Workflow
  • Approval Process
  • Receiving and Quality Control Process
  • Workflow Purchase Activity Alerts
  • Vendor Information Applied to All Parts
  • Shipping and Receiving Tools
  • Set Permissions for Purchasing and Receiving
  • In-Stock and Available Quantity Tracking

  • Track Trends Through Inventory Part History

  • Lot/Batch Tracking

  • Track Inventory Levels for Multiple Locations

  • Track Part Cost through Part History

  • Manage Vendor Lead Times

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