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Truck and Warehouse

Shipping Management

The Stentorian Technologies Shipping Manager allows you to accurately track your order fulfillment with ease. You can see the shipping status of current orders, including what has shipped and what is still pending, or view the details of past shipments, like truck or tracking number, shipping date, what was shipped, and who did the shipping.

Shipping 1.PNG
Shipping 2.PNG

Stentorian Technologies Shipping Management Tool consists of the following:

  • Multiple and Partial Shipment from Work Orders
  • Pick/Pull Lists
  • Auto-Inventory Hold and Release
  • Standard and Customizable Shipping Terms
  • Manage Fulfillment and Logistical Centers
  • Associated with Inventory, Orders, and Part Catalog
  • Attach Tracking and Other Information to Individual Shipments

  • Easily View What has Shipped and What is Pending

  • Date, Time, and Shipper Accountability

  • Easily Review Past Shipments with History Button

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