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Reaching a Deal

Stentorian Makes it Simple

Stentorian's Account Management Team Designed for You 

Stentorian Technologies provides a high quality, professional, and experienced team to each of our customers.  Our Account Management Team includes Account Managers (Team Lead), IT Consultants, Development Engineers, and Industry Specific Consultants.


Each Account Management Team is customized to each of our customers for their specific needs and industry.  This will help maximize quick returns back to our customers


Stentorian's Focus is Your Return on Investment 

Each of our Account Managers focuses on maximizing our customer’s ROI through working with our milestone  completion programs.  We follow the analytic information with your teams and help identify bottlenecks that prevent growth for your business.


At the time of implementation, our Account Mangers work on creating a ROI roadmap with our customers and assess best ways to achieve these milestones.  Our Account Managers help identify potential savings for larger growth.

Stentorian's Strategy is to Configure our Services to You
Stentorian's Strategy is to Configure our Services to You

Smooth transitions are not just for the implementation, but also for the ongoing services as well.  Within our 5-step implementation plan, a customer can be up and running fully within a quick few weeks.


After implementation, our Account Management Team will have continued relationships with customers to reach ROI goals, update integrations, ongoing trainings, consultancies, and technical help when needed.  Our Account Managers focus on our customers and their needs.

Stentorian's Top Priority is Your Security

Stentorian Technologies not only secures all our customer's data and company information but have placed many layers of protection creating a highly secured fortress preventing data breaches, lost information, or even cyber attacks.  Using Windows Azure as our cloud platform, our customers benefit from up-to date technology in giving protected real-time data to their devices in a fast and reliable manner.


Besides having our customers have access to our Account Managers, our customers can access technical help by using our In-Application Service Ticket.  This effective tool within the software will allow customers track their technical issues, communicate with our development and operations teams, and see and understand their resolutions.  Also, our customers receive automatic updates on all software changes.  There is no need to re-install software or even add patches to continue their day to day tasks.

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