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Resource Management

You need your resources, including your equipment, to operate at peak efficiency. We provide you the tools to make that happen. You asked for a module to help you stay up to date on your preventative maintenance and warranty requirements and we have delivered. The Stentorian Resource and Equipment Management tools are built to provide you everything you need to minimize downtime and get maximum value from all your resources.

Resouce 1.PNG
Resouce 2.PNG

Stentorian Technologies Resouce Management Tool consists of the following:

  • Manage Multiple Resources and Employees with Real-Time Data
  • Manage Efficient Use of Resources and Capture Waste in Time, Space, and Allocation
  • Assign Stations and Employees to Multiple Resources
  • Manage Warranties, Maintenance, and Contact Information for All Resources
  • Track Resource Cost by Project

  • Build in Resource Replacement Cost

  • Document Required Maintenance for Warranties.

  • Automatic Preventative Maintenance Prompts

  • Electronically Store Relevant Documents with Each Resource or Piece of Equipment.

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