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Warehouse Workers

Order Management

The Stentorian Technologies Order Tool will help you accurately track your customer orders from creation to invoicing. The Order Tool also allows you to compare initial estimates to actual cost, allowing you to maintain profitability. The invoicing part of the Order Tool permits you to track order fulfillment and to stay current on your accounts receivable.

The PO Tool is as intuitive and easy to use as the other Stentorian Technologies modules and integrates seamlessly with those modules. Because the Stentorian Technologies tools are cloud-based, you can monitor your Orders from wherever you happen to be.


Stentorian Technologies Order Management Tool consists of the following:

  • Automates Workflow Schedules and Inventory Allocations
  • Address Book and Client Information with History of Sells
  • Margin and Markup Controls
  • Multiple/Partial Shipment Tool
  • Invoice Tool
  • Bid and Quote Tool
  • Locking Tool to Secure Prices from Changing
  • Assign Order to a Specific Facility Location
  • Configurable and Standard Shipping and Billing Terms
  • Purchase Order Import Tool
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