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Stentorian Technologies’ software is a complete, integrated MRP solution that was built with you, the user, in mind. With our tools, you will be able to see and track all aspects of your production processes, allowing you to understand your costs and accurately establish and maintain your margins. They will also aid you in identifying and resolving problems early, lowering costs, and boosting your bottom line.

  • Real-Time Information
  • Configurable to Your Culture
  • Double Encrypted Secured Data
  • Better Control of Processes
  • Accessible from Anywhere
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Quick Onboarding Process
  • Employee Accountability
  • Waste Reductation
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency
Technicians at Work
Carpenter Sawing
  • Real-Time Dashboard of All Current and Old Work Orders
  • Employee/Resource Tracking
  • Work Order Activities Status with Editable Features
  • Job Summary
  • Management Tools
  • Non-Conformant Reporting and Alerts
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Mobile Inventory
  • Min/Max Threshold with Alerts
  • Automated Inventory
  • Pick/Pull Lists with Locations Information
  • Import/Export Tools
  • Cycle Count
  • Receiving and Shipping Tool
  • Automates Workflow Schedules and Inventory Allocations
  • Address Book and Client Information with History of Sells
  • Margin and Markup Controls
  • Multiple/Partial Shipment Tool
  • Invoice Tool
  • Bid and Quote Tool
Engineering Tools
  • Part Life Cycle Management (PLC/PLM)
  • Management (PDM)
  • Revision Control
  • Bill of Material
  • Part History
  • "Where Used" Lists
  • Part Tree Reporting with Reversible Parts List
  • Document Repository for All File Types
Stock Charts in the Newspaper
  • Track Costs of Materials, Stations, Resources, and Employees
  • Track Operating Cost including Machine Allocation, Waste Management, and Employee Overhead
  • Summary of All Activities and Costs for Each Workflow
  • Archived Historical Summaries
  • Manage Multiple Resources and Employees with Real-Time Data
  • Manage Efficient Use of Resources and Capture Waste in Time, Space, and Allocation
  • Assign Stations and Employees to Multiple Resources
  • Manage Warranties, Maintenance, and Contact Information for all Resources
Business Meeting
  • Customizable Invoice Headers and Templates with Key Information Ready to Send to Customers for Payment
  • Schedule of Values
  • Auto-Calculated Markup and Discount
  • Partial Shipments/Payments
  • PO/Invoice Customer History
  • Multiple and Partial Shipment from Work Orders
  • Pick/Pull Lists
  • Auto-Inventory Hold and Release
  • Standard and Customizable Shipping Terms
  • Manage Fulfillment and Logistical Centers
  • Associated with Inventory, Orders, and Part Catalog
Construction Worker
  • Compliance Control with Historical Information
  • Employee and Resource Accountibility
  • Employee Certification
  • ISO Process Workflow Management
  • ITAR/DOD Compliance Control
  • Revision Control
  • Document Repository for All File types
White Minibuses
  • Automated Inventory Min/Max Thresholds
  • Process Workflow
  • Approval Process
  • Receiving and Quality Control Process
  • Workflow Purchase Activity Alerts
  • Vendor Information Applied to All Parts
  • Shipping and Receiving Tools
  • Set permissions for Purchasing and Receiving
green papers
  • Control and Store All File Types within a Cloud Repository System
  • Accountability and History Tools on All Documents
  • Admin Controls with List of Documents being Stored
  • Accessible for Part Catalog, Workflow, Individual Activities, Machines Maintenance, and General Notes
Investment Chart
  • Double Encrypted Secured Cloud with Microsoft Azure
  • Scalability and Ductility for All Sizes of Companies
  • Real-Time Data of All Current Process
  • User Intuitive Import and Export TTools
  • Real-Time Data to Create Reports like Cost Summary, Parts and Library Histories, and Activity Accountabilities
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