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Part Catalog Management

It is vitally important when developing any type of product or part in a bill of material that your part information is accurate and stored correctly.  With the Stentorian Technologies Parts Catalog management tool, it is simple and intuitive to create or modify your company's part database.  All changes and modifications are recorded by user, date, and change through our revision history and revision controls. Linking parts together to create a bill of material has never been easier.  With our built-in import tool, transferring your parts data today will allow you to start working instantly with very little onboarding time.

Parts 1.PNG
parts 2.PNG

Stentorian Technologies Part Catalog Management Tool consists of the following:

  • Part Life Cycle Management (PLC/PLM)
  • Management (PDM)
  • Revision Control
  • Bill of Material
  • Part History
  • "Where Used" Lists
  • Part Tree Reporting with Reversible Parts List
  • Document Repository for All File Types
  • Parts and Bill of Material Tied to Lots and Batches
  • Workflow Editor to Create Different Processes of Fabrication, Installation, and Purchasing of Each Part and Bill of Material
  • Configuarable Parameter Fields
  • Configuarable Classifications of Units and Categories
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