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Invoice Management

Stentorian's invoicing tool streamlines the invoicing process. With our invoicing tool, you can pull the needed information from the purchase order and autofill your invoice. Profit margins and discounts are calculated automatically, according to your specifications.

Inventory 1.PNG
Invoice 2.PNG

Stentorian Technologies Invoice Management Tool consists of the following:

  • Customizable Invoice Headers and Templates with Key Information Ready to Send to Customers for Payment
  • Schedule of Values
  • Auto-Calculated Markup and Discount
  • Partial Shipments/Payments
  • PO/Invoice Customer History
  • Auto-Fill Bill To and Ship to Addresses.

  • Option of Electronic or Printable Invoice

  • Customizable Filters to View Past or Current Customer Orders

  • Track Customer Ordering Trends

  • Configurable to Your Specific Needs

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