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Process Management

The Stentorian Technologies Process Management tool, was designed and developed to facilitate communication throughout all processes and resources within your company. With our management tools, your company can increase productivity and value from all resources and employees using real-time information.  With each activity that is created from the workflow diagram tool, the system will assign a resource pool or an individual employee to complete the task.  It will also create an instant notification on any Non-Conformance Reporting issue, allowing the manager to make quick decisions to eliminate the downtime and costs associated with live issues.

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Stentorian Technologies Process Management Tool consists of the following:

  • Real-Time Dashboard of All Current and Old Work Orders
  • Employee/Resource Tracking
  • Work Order Activities Status with Editable Features
  • Job Summary
  • Management Tools
  • Non-Conformant Reporting and Alerts
  • Past Job History with Associated Times, Costs, Resource allocations, and Employees
  • Manager/Foreman Employee Assighment Tool
  • Priority Adjustment Tool  and Activity Assignment
  • Ease of Use "Start/Stop/Pause"
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