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Computer Programming

Data Management

Stentorian Technologies not only secures our customers’ data and company information, but we have established additional layers of protection, creating a highly secured fortress to protect you from data breaches, lost information, and even cyber attacks. Using Microsoft Azure as our cloud platform, our customers have the benefit of the most up-to-date technology in accessing protected real-time data in a fast, reliable manner.

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Stentorian Technologies Data Management Tool consists of the following:

  • Double Encrypted Secured Cloud with Microsoft Azure
  • Scalability and Ductility for All Sizes of Companies
  • Real-Time Data of all Current Process
  • User intuitive Import and Export Tools
  • Real-Time Data to Create Reports Like Cost Summary, Parts and Library Histories, and Activity Accountabilities
  • Import/Export Tools for Inventory, Parts Catalog, Order and Purchase Tool, and Address Book
  • Secured Login Credentials for All Employees
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Data Storage Facility US-based
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