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Stentorian Technologies has been working with U.S. based fabrication and manufactures since 2014, developing solutions for today and tomorrow’s production issues.  Stentorian Technologies has years of process management experience and knows first-hand the issues that production and shop floor managers face each day, including time management, resource allocation, and NCR reporting.

Not only does Stentorian Technologies have experience in fabrication and manufacturing production, we also have experience in software creation.  Our development team has experience from software companies such as Microsoft and Franklin Covey, where they developed and designed software navigation and tools for everyday consumers.


Stentorian Technologies has been serving many different entities of the manufacturing community for the past several years.  As part of our focus, we provide quality products and services to all manufactures including the smaller and mid-sized companies.

Stentorian Technologies stands behind our customers.  With our support teams and dedicated account managers, we help and facilitate throughout the length of your contract by providing on-boarding, training, webinars, updates, and even contract changes.

Stentorian Technologies was founded on principles of honesty, integrity, ambition, and dedication.  These principles go beyond the walls of Stentorian, but reach out to our customers and our communities.

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With over 40 combined years of production management and 40 more years combined with business intelligence software development, our founders have created solutions to your business production needs.  Stentorian Technologies helps your company from the design management of your product to managing the delivery of your goods to your customer's door.

Stentorian Technologies understand what is important to your company and to your bottom line.  Our team's focus is not just our software, but the service to help you reach your company goals and increase the bottom line by decreasing inefficiencies. 

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